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Singer Akon practices polygamy?
by Carmen Van Kerckhove

I’m not sure if this is for real, but according to Vibe Confidential:

Today my homegirl and co-worker, Hot 97 host Angie Martinez spoke to Akon about relationships. Akon, who recently released a single with Eminem, explained that as an African (Ak’ is from a very prominent music family in Senegal) he believes in polygamy. His father had four wives, all of whom he considers “Mom”.

It also turns out that Akon has taken up a Senegalese lifestyle here, because after a little hesitation, the singer-producer admitted that he has his own multi-monogamous household going down in the ATL!

Cause you know, all Africans believe in polygamy. Anyway, supposedly Miss Info has the scoop over at her Celebrity Drama Podcast on the Hot97 web site. But with no show descriptions, I have no idea which episode is the relevant one.

mamazilla wrote:

this just reminded me that coetzee’s novel “disgrace” is being made into a film with john malkovich cast as david lurie – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0445953/

if i remember correctly, in the novel ( set in post apartheid south africa) lurie’s daughter enters into a polygamist marriage with her neighbor.

Posted 29 Sep 2006 at 11:35 am ¶

dcase wrote:

Despite its illegality, polygamy is quite rampant in Utah and other Western states. There seems to be an apprehension among the authorities to go after them. I wonder why? Hmm…it is possible that Ruby Ridge and Waco have something to do with that. Maybe Akon should move out there. On the other hand, they might not be so patient with him and his ilk. Recall what happened in Philly.

Posted 29 Sep 2006 at 3:59 pm ¶

Kevin wrote:

That’s what I’m talking about! lol. Go, Akon!

Posted 01 Oct 2006 at 1:45 pm ¶

monique wrote:


Posted 09 Oct 2006 at 12:14 pm ¶

Joyel wrote:

First of all, polygamy has its bad side also.(directed to the person who thought polygamy is good for the African American community, psh). If you’ve ever even talked to anyone who is in a polygamous relationship, rather than just watching a television show or using your own personal desires. It’s not all dandilions and dumplin’s.
Its very hard in polygamy to treat EVERY wife fairly. If you have 5 wives, you need to give 5 wives the same thing. You also need to provide a bedroom for each wife because most beds can only support 2 people sleeping within it. Also, even if there were a bed for five wives there’d be an argument about which wife sleeps next to the husband b.c if one gets to sleep next to the husband and the other doesn’t–that’s not fair. Also, along with a bedroom for each wife, there is a bedroom for the children. And if you have 7+ children–that would be a lot of bedrooms. So obviously you would need to be very rich for supporting a polygamous relationship. Believe me, I know because my uncle is in a polygamist relationship (of which he isn’t following the rules to it because he’s not treating his wives fairly). And he told my grandfather why he couldn’t let all 3 of his wives visit us at the same time:

they were all jealous of each other. (Apparently) I can imagine that deep down inside without saying it; each woman has their own jealousies. Also, have we forgot about polyandry???? (hmm, many of you may not know what that means. The woman is so looked down upon in this society is sickening. Learn something– search the word. You’d find nothing but a mere definition for it. Search polygamy, you have 1000’s of sites on it. A little bit unfair, don’t you think? I think that if polygamy is allowed than polyandry should be allowed. (also, polygamy means a plural marriage– it’s not even a word which means 1 man and several wives. But since the man rules, polygamy has been kind of adopted to that meaning).

Men have to think about the times of today and the feelings of women. Children aren’t everything. And anyway, the more population, the more at a loss we are. That’s why I’m determined not to have any children, or any husband(s) in my lifetime. I think its a waste of my time that needn’t be bothered with. Instead I rather help with the children that are already suffering and on earth (by adopting them) rather than getting with a man and having 4 other sister wives to create more children.

My opinion. It’s a long one. Enjoy

Posted 12 Oct 2006 at 10:17 pm ¶

Ann wrote:

Great post, Joyel.

There is an asian country, I’m not sure if it is Nepal or Tibet, where one woman marries all the brothers in a family. That is one type of polyandry.

Polyandry would be better, as there would be much LESS humans in the world, but it would be hard to get more than one man to agree to polyandry, as it already impossible to get them to agree to MONOGAMY!

Eli Rothblatt.

Having numerous children just for the sake of numbers is not only cruel to the children but downright stupid. There is not strength in numbers.

There is strength in bringing children into the world who are WANTED AND APPRECIATED.

Laying up and grinding out infant after infant with numerous females is something that dogs, bulls and stallions do. And they are animals ( and my humblest apologies to all the animals out there I may have offended.)

And as to the black communtity pumping out more babies and taking on polygamy; that disgraceful immoral behaviour is already going on in the so-called “man-sharing” that some black women are doing.

No man is worth that heartache, disease or psychological trauma.

The human race has bred enough like rats and roaches.

Besides, it can get very expensive building all those bedrooms onto the house.

Posted 12 Oct 2006 at 11:40 pm ¶

Joyel wrote:

Greater post, Ann!

Finally there is another woman in this world who thinks such as I does. For the most part, I’m running into women who can see themselves in that kind of relationship. The relationships doesn’t even make sense in this society now as it is (to be honest). There is so much jealousy that goes into it. And men…think about treating every woman fairly! With every little thing, down to the clothes in their wardrobe to the quality time you spend with each one.

It’s also drastic to think about why polygamy may have risen in the first place in this world. Back then, more wives meant more children, more children meant more availiable workers on the field, more avaliable workers on the field meant more food on the plate and more money! So obviously it would have been sensible to be in a polygamous relationship, just to survive BUT that was long ago.

Now look at a polygamous relationship in 2006; more wives means more children, more children means more clothes, beds, and food. More clothes, beds and food means you need more money. So would it make sense to even start a polygamous relationship when even the monogamous ones are hard to financially overcome? I think not, maybe it would be easier if there werent’ any child labor laws (like back then) but wipe your tears men, there are.

Even the Bible gives advice to stay away from polygamous marriages. I read one passage from the Bible in the Old Testament that explains a situation where two wives get into an dispute about inheritance. That probably happens a lot in polygamous marriages, usually they settle it through giving it to the first wife but doesn’t that also contradict the rule of treating every wife fairly??? I think so…if it doesn’t. Please speak on that.

Also, if polygamy was allowed: think about the competition that would arise from it. Look at the Morman polygamists in Utah, you already have them throwing teen boys out into a deserted area to die so they can get more women to marry. Thankfully, usually the ‘lost boys of polygamy’ (search it) don’t die but they do have a HUGE new outlook on the aspects of polygamy. Better believe it…

Also, why create more children when you can help the children already suffering. In my point of view, I see that as really selfish. We already have a problem, why create a new one?

So my question is:

Why, oh why, is polygamy STILL needed?

Posted 13 Oct 2006 at 3:55 pm ¶

Adina wrote:

Akon is just getting publicity for himself by bringing up the practice of polgyamy. In this American hiphop culture, the pimp and player character are very prevalent and accepted. So, this is another way for Akon to display from his roots “the player” and his original pimpology as an African.

I guess he is doing more good then harm, but only time will tell. Definitely, go to his website, and see for yourself. The main video on his site is him and his wife travelling to South Africa and maybe a bit of Senegal and being welcomed over there. Also, definitely watch the “Pot of Gold” video he has. It is a very wise view of the history of racism, and where we are today.

If you didn’t already know, Senegal’s president Abdoulaye Wade who is 81 years old is married to Viviane Wade, a white Christian from France and they’ve been married for more than 50 years.

Posted 29 Oct 2006 at 10:18 am ¶

#1Queen of Chicago wrote:

Wow, I am in complete shock guys because I have just found out yesterday that my “drop dead gorgeous” Jamaican guyfrom FL. that I met in person in ‘05 and I have been talking to (long distance for a min.) currently believes/practices/and lives in a polygamous lifestyle and has maybe 1-2 wives/women and two beautiful daughters by I guess his 1st wife. Listenb-4 yall start snapping off, we were only really good-good friends so its not like he cheated on me, ok. He is such a handsome loving young guy, I can not say one bad thing about him period so far,… but now today I am “frozen in time” like woah hold up you’ve just dropped a tone of info on me, I’m like woah-woah back up a bit, ya know…because of course I am a young beautiful African American(lil on the spoiled side especially in the man dept, one of chi-towns finest, if you no what I mean, holla somebody!), Christian girl, highly educated w/2 degrees, etc,… and just when I thought I found a winner, a great catch, a great Jamaican guy/blackman…I slowly but surely find out that 2 other women also think that he is a great guy bec. they’ve got 2 him b-4 I did,of course. My life continues to get exciting I need to write a book about the things that I encounter, which is why I love to travel and meet new people. But, I really have to catch myself fast bec. I have to be honest with you guys, I’m considering it bec. I really like him, he is fineass hell, a hard worker, a great provider, communicator, friend and lover (meaning he stresses love of family, doing the right things in life to have a good and prosperous life and future here in America). We have already been discussing children&marriage etc.,prior to me finding this out,… (actually the 2nd day after we met he sort of mentioned it but I just thought it was a cute gesture, nothing serious but surprise he was dead serious) I do not have children yet and I’d always considered him as my baby father bec. of his honesty, charming personality, humor, intellect, masculinity, etc… and I know he is a great father, he loves children. He wants a son now and more children with me in the future and he wants me to live in FL. with the family. I need some insight fast bec. I know my mother, grandmother, aunts, uncles and family would probably kill me for even considering it bec. God knows that I wasn’t raised that way.

Hey, but just keeping it real, there is a lot of “man sharing”, “baby’s daddy”, “babymamas”, “numerous single families by one male” that is prevalent in the hood/African American culture and even other cultures and has been done in secretcy as well as broad open daylight, it appears to mirror a similar a design/ trend of polygamy, not to say that that it is right, but I am just saying, whose to say these days. Personally, I never thought that I would have came across this issue in Oct.31,2006 but it has been revealed to me that polygamy still exists on the downlow. My Jamaican guy stressed the importance of one love in the family, financial support and structure and order in the household and he basically wants to know if I am “in”(meaning do I approve) so that we can go to the next step! Now, I’m left to decide if it is right for me either way he says he respects my decision…Holla at the Queen!

#1Queen of Chicago

Posted 31 Oct 2006 at 9:49 am ¶

shayla wrote:

akon you is one of my biggest fan and i really want to get to meet you. you are so fine i just can’t get my mind off of you so i’m just plannin on meeting you. please come to louisiana because this is where you have alot of friends and fans. everybody is counting on you out here. please read this as quick as you can.please write me back and let me know how you feel about this. come to opelousas at opelousas junior high school and sing for us.well i just hope you can come.
peace,love, write back.

Posted 28 Nov 2006 at 3:57 pm ¶

Anonymous wrote:

is akon a muslim

Posted 09 Dec 2006 at 5:54 am ¶

tina wrote:

All Africans do not believe in polygamy. I have been married to my husband who is African, (kenyan to be exact), for 7 years and he has no other wives. We travel to Africa often and believe it or not Africa is westernized for the most part. I just hate when people put Africans all in one boat. There are 50 different countries in Africa. These pepole are so different and for some ignorant people to say that all of them practice polygamy is so stupid. I am African American and my husband treat me so much better than any american man has. I am not trying to down american men, I am just trying to strech my point. So what if this guy has more than more wife….. is he any different from these american men who are married and sleep around on thier wives. At least the African women know that they are not the only woman in the realtionship. Don’t pass judgement on akon. He is not form here and he comes from a different culture than we do. He makes good music so let’s just stay out of his personal business. Now if he makes a fucked up album then we can bash him until then fall of of him and his wives…..if this rumor has any truth to it anyway. And people please remember that Africans are a diverse group of people and we should not put them in one category.

Posted 21 Dec 2006 at 8:08 pm ¶

bill wrote:

AKON IS A MAH FUCKIN P I M P! Let the man do what he wants as long as he and his wives are happy!

Posted 01 Feb 2007 at 4:20 pm ¶

chris wrote:

as Devin the Dude best put it: “do what the f*ck you wanna do…”

Posted 04 Feb 2007 at 4:19 am ¶

Michael wrote:

Hey dcase, 2nd comment…polygamy ISN’T quite rampant in Utah, so you know. In the mid- 1800’s yeah, not now…just so you’re aware!

Posted 08 Jul 2007 at 12:39 am ¶

Alonyah wrote:

I am glad to hear this, but if my people would understand that we are destintes from Africa and has been taught another peoples ways not our true ways. Part of our problem as a people is we have left our Power in the Old Testament as they call it.

Our families are in trouble we have more women then men more so among us because of different things in which we all know of such as prison and etc. Our families are suffering and the women are single to long, divorced and more not understanding that a man has been created to have more then one wife and this is great as long as the men be honest, truthful but because we have taken on other peoples ways this is the result. Lies and deceit and the women except that is American place is not doing anything for us as a people. So polygamy is one solution to our sitution among other things we need to do. If we women would learn to truly love each other as family should we would have best friends and a man that would make sure he loves us and takes care of his children. There is so much i would like to say on this subject and more if i am give the opportunity i feel it would be a great help to my people, the African American community. We have taken on someones elses ways and don’t know who we really are as a people.

Posted 18 Jan 2008 at 4:46 pm ¶

Tina wrote:

First i would like to say this is something that should be considered since there are so many women more than men. More so black women for our problem is much greater. We have been mislead by this Western World, we must remember that we come from our ancestor who were slaves that came from another side of the world. At one time all of the African continet and in the East have practiced this type of life style.

Now that does not men a man can just do what ever he wants and not be charged by the creator. One must be true, honest and real even thou it may cost you not to have the African American women from this side of the world. For we no nothing of our true history as a people nor do we take the time to study. It has been said put the information in a book and the majoridy of us will not read it.

Also the bible has spoken of this type of life style for a long time we must move higher as a people to show the world that we do know how to love for real mostly or women and of course our brothers need a lesson in what love is really all about. It is not just about sex even thou sex has it’s part to play. We have lost all love for each other and ourselves as a people. This can be one of the solutions to bring our families back into the strength that it should be. Women being best friends, sharing the duties of the house and also putting our finances together to grow strong. Love is a wonderful thing and people will say how can a man love more than one women it is ease for a man but a women can truely only love her man that is the way it is or she is considered a whore sorry i had to say that. This Western Place is hypocritical in so any ways and this has been from the being, we must not forget what type of place we are dealing with. Everybody can almost do what they want as long as they can help there own or you better have money. Sister’s let’s love each other as we should and build our families to greatness. If you know science the female has 2 X chromosomes and the male has a Y & a X the X chromosome is for the female and the Y is male so in the beginning our power made 3 females to 1 male and now we have a greater problem for this was and is for the development the population and it is still for us to grow now more than ever, for we are lessing and as a people. We need to show the power of love for each other male and female.

I have so much more to present but it can’t be all said at once. There are question people have and i have the answer’s try me.

Posted 18 Jan 2008 at 7:42 pm ¶

#1Queen of Chicago wrote:

First of all I would like to thank you all for your honest opinions on this subject it has helped me out a lot..

I would like to say (to Tina) that there is a major misunderstanding of African-Americans not studying, acknowledging and embracing their culture and history from Western Africa before the inception of slavery in America in the 1600’s. I want to make it known that yes I am a young African-American Woman that has embraced my culture 1000% which is why I love my people 1000%, which is why I refer to myself as a Queen because I recognize Nefetiti, Cleopatra, so many more,etc. Honey, It may not cost a man a loss of love from and African-American woman from this side of the world (as you implied in one of your statements) I make a conscious attempt to connect with my roots even though I do not know the EXACT tribe that my ancestors came from (I’m being sarcastic). I’m a little irritated by those who want to assume that African-American women are completely oblivious to there AFRICAN culture and history prior to slavery “WE ARE NOT THAT IGNORANT”. However, that does not change the fact that we are AFRICAN-AMERICANS born and raised here in America hundreds of years after the atrocities that our ancestor had to endure because of SLAVERY. I want to add that I LOVE MY PEOPLE 1000%, therefore I have and I continue to make a conscious effort to embrace all cultures of the African Diaspora because unless I have a Genealogy test done I still do not know exactly which village my ancestors lived in 450 or so years ago (I’m being sarcastic). I’ll have you know that I have a minor in African studies, I have visited Jamaica, I have studied and I can speak FRENCH(which is spoken in West Africa, West Indies etc,.) (I study and understand read and write Jamaican dialect (which is called Patios) I have a large African Art collection, I’ve frequent all Museums and African or Caribbean Festival etc. However, it will never convert me to being a women of 400 or so plus years ago in Africa (sweetheart), I’m still an African-American or Afro-American woman (whatever floats your boat ) of today and it will never change that reality. Now, I agree some people do not read, research or study much about the past of traditional ways from Africa because they are to busy struggling to make ends meet or whatever there excuse maybe and some people are closed minded to the world and or change back to African traditional ways as a solution to save our family structure and financial support system and future but that does not mean that applies to all African American people, I am not one of those people that you consider to be ignorant! I see how this is one solution that can strengthen love, trust and financial foundation in the African American culture even though it was not taught to me I have researched and discovered it on my own(I’m not Lazy,being sarcastic again, you know that stereotype that blacks are lazy) and I do understand it as an option! However, some people will argue that the Bible is against it, yes polygamy is presented it the Old Testament it was also taught that it was condemned as well by God so that is why it is different for Americans to easily adopt, as they were taught different beliefs, values and biblical principles which are obvious. But, I still feel it is up to what each individual chooses and feels is right for them if this is their case because as I said I’m in Love and it actually sees no limits or boundaries at all no matter what anyone says or beliefs to be right or wrong to me because I know in my HEART I should be with the Man that I love, whether he has 5 or more wives. Love is very powerful and a natural thing you never no when it can happen to you.
Ok now that I have addressed those misconceptions about African- American women knowledge of their history, culture and religion, I pointed out in my previous posting on 10/06 that I was presented with this option and I had communicated that I was shocked because I had just found out about his lifestyle. I was aware of this type of lifestyle in African but I was not aware of this/his lifestyle here in American. That was basically the point I was trying to make and once it was presented to me then I had to question everything, my beliefs, my upbringing, my feelings of love etc., etc., Maybe this decision would be easier for a woman that was more closely connected to this way of life but it was different for me at that time because I had just found it out. I know what LOVE is, it is just a different way of life that I was not currently accustomed to living. I had pointed out that I was open to considering it because I do understand my culture and all the dynamics of family structure etc. I had to make myself clear to you again, I do not like for others to assume that people do not read and they are ignorant and unaware so I had to address a few point that were made which I saw as being very destructive to the entire discussion. Again, my man has not lost the love of his African-American women from this side of the World because our LOVE has gotten even stronger thank you very much,so i should/will not be left behind nor will I go overlooked by my Jamaican man Honey! I am an African-American woman that understands and loves her Black men, culture and community more than we give her credit for or are willing to acknowledge her for and I was not born in Africa, nor Jamaica, I was born raised and educated in the United States of America!

Thanks Again,
#1Queen of Chicago

(I had to make some minor corrections to name in spellings sorry about it)

Posted 22 Apr 2008 at 12:54 pm ¶

Sister Yeye Olade wrote:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Polygamy is the fastest growing marriage system in Blackamerikkka! The Black muslims,Rastas,Black people into Yoruba religion, Ancient Egyptian religion are all doing it! I started doing what I call “Positive Polygamy” in amerikkka before I went BACK to AFRICA,Nigeria,Yorubaland with my late BLACKamerikkkan husband and am now in a polygamous situation with a Yoruba family. Believe me those of us in it can practice GOOD relationships for the Sister wives,the BLACK children and the great Black men who share fairly and squarely. Check us out at:
(under “Positve Polygamy” and
Your Sister who went Back to Africa,30 years ago ,
Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

Posted 28 Apr 2008 at 8:22 am ¶

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    • Polyangry is not natural that is why religions don’t even deal with it! To satisy one man is a full time job and woman’s nature is monogamous! We also want to know who the fatheris of our children.It is not African and it promotes confusion!

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